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$5.99 lunch enchiladas today at Gusanoz!

Gusanoz is open today as we honor those who served our country and gave their lives while doing so. A special thanks to the Gold Star families, friends and battle buddies, and our never ending appreciation to the men and women who died. We hope everyone living in this great country takes a moment to reflect and truly celebrate this Memorial Day. And please Remember Everyone Deployed.

$5.99 lunch tacos today at Gusanoz!

$5.99 lunch burritos today at Gusanoz!

$5.99 lunch enchiladas today at Gusanoz!

$5.99 lunch chimichangas until 4 PM, Mondays at Gusanoz!

$5.99 Mexican breakfast plates, Sundays until 4 pm at Gusanoz!

$5.99 lunch tacos today at Gusanoz!

$5.99 Lunch Burritos today at Gusanoz!

$5.99 lunch taco salads today at Gusanoz!

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