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It’s enchilada day! $5.99 lunch enchiladas until 4 PM, Tuesdays at Gusanoz!

$5.99 lunch chimichangas today at Gusanoz!

$5.99 Lunch Tacos today at Gusanoz!

$5.99 lunch burritos today at Gusanoz!

$5.99 classic quesadillas until 4 PM! Valentines day menu starts at four!

$5.99 lunch chimichangas today at Gusanoz!

$5.99 Mexican breakfast plates until 4 PM, Sundays at Gusanoz!

$5.99 lunch tacos today at Gusanoz! $1.99 margaritas all day long – make sure you ask for them by name!

Happy Thursday! $5.99 lunch taco salads today at Gusanoz!

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